EHDFAS was one of the pioneers when it founded its lending library for members in 1980.

Over the past 35 years our stock of books has steadily increased. We now have over 150 titles covering fine arts subjects, including architecture, artists, churches, houses and gardens, glassware and jewellery, embroidery, china, porcelain and carpets.

It is an ideal way to enhance member’s understanding and interest in our lectures and programme of activities.

Visit our Library at coffee time before the monthly lecture, exchange views with the librarian, browse and then borrow.

Members can reserve a book here at: and pick it up at the next lecture, (not all books are at every lecture). We also have an archive of arts brochures covering our programme’s activities. The library is a great benefit to all members.

The full list of titles currently available can be found below. Use the search and sort functions to find books of interest.


Book IDTitleAuthorGenre
A1The Architecture of Southern EnglandJohn Julius Norwich Architecture
A2Palaces of EuropeReinhard BentmannArchitecture
A3From Baroque to RococoNicolas PowellArchitecture
A4Buckingham Palace: A Short HistoryArchitecture
A5Dublin: A Grand TourJ O'Brien and D GuinnessArchitecture
A6Great Irish Houses and CastlesJ O'Brien and D GuinnessArchitecture
A7A History of ArchitectureSir Banister FletcherArchitecture
A8Treasures of BritainAA Guide 1968Architecture
A9Architectural AntiquesAlan Robertson Architecture
A10Lost Victorian BritainGavin StampArchitecture
A11The Architecture of the Italian RenaiissancePeter MurrayArchitecture
A12Lutyens and the Edwardians Jane BrownArchitecture
A14Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour of EuropeArchitecture
A15Work of Christopher WrenGeoffrey W Beard Architecture
A16The Georgian Group Journal 2013Architecture
A17Charles Rennie MackintoshJohn McKean and Colin BaxterArchitecture
A18 Church of Steinhof, ViennaOtto WagnerArchitecture
A19Georgian Group Journal 2014Architecture
B1Vincent van GoghHans BronkhorstArtists - Biography
B2SeuratJohn RussellArtists - Biography
B3Leonardo da VinciKenneth ClarkArtists - Biography
B4RenoirPeter FeistArtists - Biography
B5ChardinRoyal AcademyArtists - Biography
B6Samuel PalmerBritish MuseumArtists - Biography
B7William ColdstreamGower and SylvesterArtists - Biography
B8Marcel DyfFrost and ReedArtists - Biography
B9Margaret CollierDuke and BellersArtists - Biography
B10Romaine BrooksWhitney ChadwickArtists - Biography
B11William MorrissRichard TamesArtists - Biography
B12PicassoJohn RussellArtists - Biography
B13Van GoghH JeddingArtists - Biography
B14ChagallMarie-Thérèse SouverbieArtists - Biography
B15Len TabnerPrendergastArtists - Biography
B16Toulouse-LautrecPatrick O'ConnorArtists - Biography
B17Piero della FrancescaMA LavinArtists - Biography
B18 Ben NicholsonEditor: Chris StephensArtists - Biography
B19Claude LorrainHelen LangdonArtists - Biography
B20Sheila FellChris WadsworthArtists - Biography
B21ConstableJohn SunderlandArtists - Biography
B22Murillo: Scenes of ChildhoodBrooke & CherryArtists - Biography
B23MonetJohn HouseArtists - Biography
B24CanalettoGregory MartinArtists - Biography
B25David HockneyA Bigger Picture - Royal Academy of ArtsArtists - Biography
B26Henry Moore Prints and PortfoliosArtists - Biography
B27Henry Moore: Imaginary LandscapesHenry Moore FoundationArtists - Biography
B28Van GoghPascal Bonafoux (in French)Artists - Biography
B29Paul GauginIngo WaltherArtists - Biography
B30Van Gogh's FlowersJudith BumpusArtists - Biography
B31VeroneseAndrew PrieverArtists - Biography
B32John Llewelyn JonesAustralia's Forgotten PainterArtists - Biography
B33Wilfrid de GlehnLaura WortlyArtists - Biography
B34Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture Garden, St IvesPhillips and StephensArtists - Biography
B35Karin JunzenCarel WeightArtists - Biography
B36TurnerPeter AckroydArtists - Biography
B37BreugelWalter GibsonArtists - Biography
B38delacroixG MachioliArtists - Biography
B39GF Watts: Parables in PaintHilary UnderwoodArtists - Biography
B40SargentElizabeth PrettejohnArtists - Biography
B41Turner 1775-1851Monnington and ReidArtists - Biography
B42Turner on TourInge HeroldArtists - Biography
B43 A Life of Van GoghDavid SweetmanArtists - Biography
B44Durer And His TimesWilhelm WaetzoldtArtists - Biography
B45StubbsB TaylorArtists - Biography
B46Chagall's World: Conversations with Andre VerdetArtists - Biography
B47A Biographical Dictionary of ArtistsGowingArtists - Biography
B48Banksy: Wall and PieceArtists - Biography
B49Essential ConstableMandi GomezArtists - Biography
B50Laszlo: A Brush with Grandeur
B51Michelangelo: Selected PoemsEdited and translated by Christopher RyanArtists - Biography
B52Rembrandt: The late worksArtists - Biography
B53Berthe MorisotKathleen Adler & Tamar GarbArtists - Biography
B54John Miller'Leave Tomorrow Behind'Artists - Biography
B55Cornelius JohnsonKaren HearnArts - Biography
C1Expressionist PortraitsFrank WhitfordArtists - Style
C2Five Centuries of Old Master PaintingsHarari and JohnsArtists - Style
C3Norwich School LandscapesArtists - Style
C4Man as Hero: The Human Figure in Western ArtPierce RiceArtists - Style
C5From Russia: French and Russian PaintingsArtists - Style
C6Bloomsbury WomenJan MarshArtists - Style
C7The Pursuit of the Real: British Figurative PaintingTim WildeArtists - Style
C9Early Sea PaintersF B CockettArtists - Style
C10L' lmpressionismeF GazanArtists - Style
C11Degas to ChagallFrost and ReedArtists - Style
C12Pre-Raphaelite WomenJan MarshArtists - Style
C13A World of Their Own: Twentieth Century British Naive PaintersArtists - Style
C14The Art of the RenaissancePeter and Linda MurrayArtists - Style
C15The Home of the SurrealistsAntony PenroseArtists - Style
C16British ImpressionismKenneth McConkeyArtists - Style
C17Lucian Freud PortraitsArtists - Style
C18Dutch PaintingR H FuchsArtists - Style
C19Jan Van Eyck: The Arnolfini PortraitJack ThomasArtists - Style
D1MonetTrewin CopplestoneArtists - Technique
D2Great Masters : TurnerWilliam HardyArtists - Technique
D3RenoirGuy JenningsArtists - Technique
D4Technique of World's Great PaintersW JanuszeckArtists - Technique
D5ImpressionismRoyal Academy of ArtsArtists - Technique
D6Impressionism Abroad: Boston and French PaintingArtists - Technique
D7Impressionist SeasonsHelen LangdonArtists - Technique
D8The Self PortraitSean Kenny and Edward Lucie SmithArtists - Technique
D9Impressionists in Their GardensCaroline HolmesArtists - Technique
D10The School of LondonAlistair HicksArtists - Technique
D11Women ImpressionistsT GarbArtists - Technique
D12Great Engravers - Albrecht DurerArtists - Technique
E1Art Treasures of the WorldArt History and Major Collections
E2Tate Modern - The HandbookArt History and Major Collections
E3The Wallace CollectionArt History and Major Collections
E4The Queen's Pictures0 MillarArt History and Major Collections
E5Michelangelo and Raphael in the VaticanArt History and Major Collections
E6The Barnes Foundation: Great French PaintingsArt History and Major Collections
E7Italian Paintings and DrawingsThe Royal CollectionArt History and Major Collections
E8MauritshuisArt History and Major Collections
E9Rijkmuseum, AmsterdamArt History and Major Collections
E10The UffiziArt History and Major Collections
E11The MediciPaul StrathernArt History and Major Collections
E12Masterpieces from the Pompidou Centre, ParisArt History and Major Collections
E13The PradoArt History and Major Collections
E14The Story of ArtE H GombrichArt History and Major Collections
E15VaticanArt History and Major Collections
E16Mirror of the World: A New History of ArtJulian BellArt History and Major Collections
E17Encyclopaedia of RenaissanceT BerginArt History and Major Collections
E18The Sainsbury Wing at the National GalleryArt History and Major Collections
E19Turner Prize 2005Art History and Major Collections
E20The Taj MahalArt History and Major Collections
E21A World History of ArtHugh Honour and John FlemingArt History and Major Collections
E22The First Emperor of China: China's Terracotta ArmyBritish MuseumArt History and Major Galleries
E23The First Emperor: China's Terracotta ArmyBritish MuseumArt History and Major Collections
E24The Story of PaintingSister Wendy BarrettArt History and Major Collections
E25The Arts of ChinaMichael SullivanArt History and Major Collections
E26British Art in the 20th CenturyRoyal AcademyArt History and Major Collections
E27Persia: The Immortal KingdomArt History and Major Collections
F1Glorious Inspirations: Kaffe Fassett's NeedlepointKaffe FassettEmbroidery and Carpets
F2Traditional NeedlepointBeth RussellEmbroidery and Carpets
F3Decorative Victoria NeedleworkElizabeth BradleyEmbroidery and Carpets
F4Tribal RugsBrian McDonaldEmbroidery and Carpets
F5Masterpieces of EmbroideryPamela ClabburnEmbroidery and Carpets
F6Durham QuiltingAmy EmmsEmbroidery and Carpets
F7Treasures from the Embroiders Guild CollectionEmbroidery and Carpets
F8Creative Wall Hangings and PanelsAudrey BabingtonEmbroidery and Carpets
F9Oriental Rugs and CarpetsPhilip BamboroughEmbroidery and Carpets
F10Fabric of Society 1770-1870Jane Tozer and Sarah LevittEmbroidery and Carpets
F11Country CraftsJack HillEmbroidery and Carpets
G1British Ceramic MarksJ P CushionChina and Porcelain
G2Country Life Pocket Book of ChinaG Bernard HughesChina and Porcelain
G3Ceramics of the 20s and 30sFrankie LeibeChina and Porcelain
G4Porcelain in Worcester 1751-1951Ray JonesChina and Porcelain
G5Meissen Porcelain in ColourChina and Porcelain
G6Rare Chinese Art and CeramicsRoger KeverneChina and Porcelain
G7The Arcanum: the Invention of European PorcelainJanet GleesonChina and Porcelain
G8British Pottery and PorcelainGeoffrey A GoddenChina and Porcelain
G9Flight and Barr Worcester PorcelainHenry SandonChina and Porcelain
H1Westminster AbbeyPaul BinskiChurches and Cathedrals
H2The Stained Glass of French ChurchesChurches and Cathedrals
H3English CathedralsMartin HurlimannChurches and Cathedrals
H4English Parish ChurchesEdited by John BetjemanChurches and Cathedrals
H5Stones of Witness: Church Architecture and FunctionC CunninghamChurches and Cathedrals
H6Churches and Cathedrals of EnglandPhilip ClucasChurches and Cathedrals
H8Book of KellsSir Edward SullivanChurches and Cathedrals
H9Lincoln Cathedral: A Journey from Past to PresentChurches and Cathedrals
H10England's Thousand Best ChurchesSimon JenkinsChurches and Cathedrals
H11Brasses and Brass RubbingsClare GittingsChurches and Cathedrals
H12A Guide to Stained Glass in EnglandPainton CowanChurches and Cathedrals
J2William MorrisN M WellsHouses and Gardens
J3Uppark RestoredHouses and Gardens
J4Waddesdon Ancestral Houses/ The National TrustM Bence-JonesHouses and Gardens
J5In the Nouveau StyleMalcolm HaslamHouses and Gardens
J6Historic Houses and GardensEnglish Heritage/HudsonsHouses and Gardens
J7A Guide to English Country HousesGarry HoggHouses and Gardens
J8Aurthur Negus Enjoys Country HousesArthur NegusHouses and Gardens
J10The Waddeson Companion GuideHouses and Gardens
J12Hertfordshire: A Shell GuideHouses and Gardens
J13English Gardens in the Twentieth CenturyTim RichardsonHouses and Gardens
J14Edith Wharton's Italian GardensVivian RussellHouses and Gardens
J15Royal GardenersAlan TitmarshHouses and Gardens
J16Space and Illusion in the Japanese GardenTeiji ItohHouses and Gardens
J17Capability BrownThomas HindeHouses and Gardens
J18Traditional English GardensArabella Lennox-BoydHouses and Gardens
J19Hoglands: Home of Henry and Irena MooreHouses and Gardens
J20Country Houses of EnglandBarbara and Rene StoeltieHouses and Gardens
K1Art of the MosaicGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K2The History of SilverClaude BlairGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K3A Connoisseur's Guide to Antique Silver Ronald PearsallGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K4Silver SpoonsMichael SnodinGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K5Treasures of Today 1980-2008Goldsmiths' HallGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K6Twenty-Five Gold FactsGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K7Growing Talent 2000-2012The Goldsmiths' CompanyGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K8The Silver Trust 2004Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K9The Silver Trust 1999Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K10Contemporary SilverRavinovitch/CliffordGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K11Peter Carl FabergeH C BainbridgeGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K12Royal FabergeCaroline de GuitotGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K13Faberge 1846-1920Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K14The Jewellery of Rene LaliqueVivienne BeckerGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K15LaliqueEric KnowlesGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K16Contemporary GlassJennifer Hawkins OpieGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K17English Drinking GlassesRonald GabrielGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K1850 Masterpieces of Pottery and GlassV&A MuseumGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K19Paperweights and Other Glass CuriositiesE M ElvilleGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K20A Beilby OdysseyJames RushGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K21English and Irish GlassGeoffrey WillsGold, Silver, Jewellery, Glass
K22Glass: A Phaidon GuideFelice MehlmanGold, Silver, Jewellery & Glass
K23Engraved Glass from HollandMallett, Sheppard & CooperGold, Silver, Jewellery & Glass
K24PaperweightsPat ReillyGold, Silver, Jewellery & Glass
L1The Emperor HadrianBritish Museum ExhibitionRoman/Greek antiquities
L2Pompeii: A GuideRoman and Greek Antiquities
L3The Shadow of Vesuvius - Pompeii AD79Roman and Greek Antiquities
M1Introduction to the Decorative Arts 1890-1990Styles in Art
M2Behind the Acanthus: The NADFAS StoryHelen CliffordStyles in Art
M3Victorian Fairy PaintingsJeremy Maas and othersStyles in Art
M4Dynasties: Painting in England 1530-1630Styles in Art
M5Theoria: Art and the Absence of GracePeter FullerStyles in Art
M6Nationalism and Classism: Nineteenth-Century England and FranceStyles in Art
M7The Swagger PortraitAndrew WiltonStyles in Art
M8Models of DancersTom MerrifieldStyles in Art
M9The Scallop HaslamStyles in Art
M10Japan Style V&A 1980Styles in Art
M11Brazil Through its ArtistsWalmin AyalaStyles in Art
M12Germany in PhotographsRainer F StockeStyles in Art
N1Lived in London: The Blue Plaques and the Stories Behind ThemBiography - Miscellaneous
N2John and Abigail AdamsJudith St GeorgeBiography - Miscellaneous
N3Bucking the Trend: Earl de la WarrAlistair FairlyBiography - Miscellaneous
N4With Lawrence in ArabiaLowell ThomasBiography - Miscellaneous
N5Early StagesJohn GielgudBiography - Miscellaneous
N6Thomas Doggett Pictur'dWalter LeonBiography -Miscellaneous
O1The Treasure Houses of Britain: 500 Years of CollectingArt Collections
O2The Burrell CollectionN PowellArt Collections
O3Treasures of the National TrustR FeddenArt Collections
O4Markets and Market Places of BritianArt Collections
O5In Trust for the Nation: Paintings from National Trust HousesArt Collections
O6The National Trust AtlasArt Collections
08Richard Green Exhibition of Fine Old Masters 1991Art Collections
09Richard Green British Paintings 1880-1990Art Collections
010London Transport Museum GuideArt Collections
011Buckingham Palace Souvenir GuideArt Collections
012The Fine Art File Magazine 1992Art Collections
013Christie's Catalogue: Modern Prints and Illustrated Books 1989Art Collections
014Constable, Gainsborough, Turner: Royal Academy Guide 2012/13Art Collections
015The Figurative Arts of Western Liguria: Nineteenthand Twentieth CenturiesArt Collections
O16Hertfordshire: OiI Paintings/Public OwnershipArt Collections
P1Extraordinary FurnitureDavid LinleyFurniture
P2The English Country ChairIvan SparkesFurniture
Q1The Abbey, Little Coggleshall, EssexGuide Book
Q2Apsley House - The Wellington CollectionGuide Book
Q3Ashmolean Museum, OxfordGuide Book
Q4Audley End, Saffron WaldenGuide Book
Q5Berwick Church of St Michael and All Angels, East SussexGuide Book
Q6Bolsover Castle, DerbyshireGuide Book
Q7Boughton House, NorthantsGuide Book
Q8Chenies Manor, BuckinghamshireGuide Book
Q9Church of St Peter and St Paul, Eye, SuffolkGuide Book
Q10ColchesterGuide Book
Q11The Company of Watermen and Lightermen, LondonGuide Book
Q12Danson House, BexleyGuide Book
Q13Doddington Hall, LincolnGuide Book
Q14Dorney Court, BuckinghamshireGuide Book
Q15Down House, Kent. Home of Charles DarwinGuide Book
Q16Drayton House, NorthantsGuide Book
Q17Elton Hall, Nr PeterboroughGuide Book
Q18Ely CathedralGuide Book
Q19The Foundling Museum, LondonGuide Book
Q20The Goldsmith's Company, City of LondonGuide Book
Q21Great Warley Church, EssexGuide Book
Q22Houghton Hall, Kings LynnGuide Book
Q23Ightham Mote, KentGuide Book
Q24Kenwood House, HighgateGuide Book
Q25Kimbolton Castle, HuntingdonGuide Book
Q26Kimbolton Local History Museum, HuntingdonGuide Book
Q27Layer Marney Tower, EssexGuide Book
Q28Leighton House Museum, Holland ParkGuide Book
Q29Linley Sambourne House, KensingtonGuide Book
Q30Mapledurham House, BuckinghamshireGuide Book
Q31Maritime Museum, GreenwichGuide Book
Q32Museum of London, DocklandsGuide Book
Q33Museum of the Order of St John, ClerkenwellGuide Book
Q34Museum of Stained Glass, Ely CathedralGuide Book
Q35Peterborough CathedralGuide Book
Q36Portcullis House: The works of art and guide to the houseGuide Book
Q37Sissinghurst Castle and Garden, KentGuide Book
Q38Spencer House, St James' Park, LondonGuide Book
Q39Stratfield Saye House, Nr ReadingGuide Book
Q40Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, LondonGuide Book
Q41Wellington at Apsley House and Stratfield SayeGuide Book
R1The County Maps of Olde EnglandThomas MouleMiscellaneous