Textile Wall Hanging at Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School

Back in 2014 EHDFAS happily agreed to sponsor a Textile Wall Hanging project at Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School as one of their Young Art projects.  This was an ambitious undertaking: initially a professional wildlife photographer – Ian Green – worked with the children to photograph the different species, colours and shapes of flora & fauna found in the school grounds.

The assembled photo-montage was then translated into a large 3D cloth collage under the guidance of a local textile artist, Zoe Spooner. The children helped assemble, sew and stick parts of the picture, Zoe tackled the more difficult and bulky parts.

The result is this impressive collage hanging in the school’s assembly hall. Some of the children who helped create the collage are shown, together with Zoe on the left and Alison Richards, Headteacher on the extreme right.