Special Interest day – November 2017

When Thomas Gainsborough moved to Bath in 1758 it was a bustling cosmopolitan spa centre experiencing a phenomenal building boom, attracting nobility and wealthy merchants alike, and described at the time as “the busiest idle place in the world”.

A Special Interest Day on Thursday November 2nd will explore how and why a young, entrepreneurial Gainsborough identified Bath as ‘the’ place from which to build his reputation. What was the experience like for those who jostled to sit to Mr Gainsborough during the Bath season? How did High Society entertain themselves?

The focus will be on Gainsborough’s work in Bath, with contemporary journals and letters (including his own witty correspondence) and caricatures used to bring the city, its buildings and personalities to life.

Our Speaker, Mary Alexander, is a highly experienced lecturer, tutor, author and curator.  Her background combines an unusual blend of academic and visual communications skills including work for a design consultancy in London and New York.

The Special Interest Day will comprise 3 sessions starting at 10.30 am in the Dinant Room, and with lunch between the 2nd and 3rd session.  Price £25.  If you can’t book in person at our September or October Talk contact Sue Rogers whose details are in your programme.